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Muskoka: Music For Change

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Dave Hadfield, best known for writing the song “In Canada”, which he performed with his brother Chris Hadfield (astronaut) in the video that went viral, recently added his voice to the fight to save the small town of Bala, Muskoka.


My name is Jonah Bryson and I am a 15-year-old filmmaker and musician. I use my passion for entertainment to try to make the world a better place. After collaborating with Chris Hadfield and learning about his brother who was a talented musician as well, I reached out to Dave Hadfield to see if he would be interested in helping the cause. Not too long after I called him, he was onboard and agreed to compose a song to highlight the issue.


For the past 10 years, the small town of Bala has been battling the construction of a power plant in the heart of their town, which would destroy the environmentally significant Bala Falls — a tourist attraction that the town depends on to survive. The developers intend to generate power we don’t need, forever change this tiny town, for their own benefit.


In the song, Hadfield sings “There in the village of Bala, the falls will be dried up and gone…” and continues with “…There won’t be a gala, in the town they call Bala, the day that they shut off the falls!”


In his song, he hits every aspect of the problem if the power plant were to be built. The environmental issues, the tourism issues, and the safety issues.


“And swimmin’, you betcha, The turbine’ll get-cha…”


I did a duet with Dave for this song to reenforce the key messages. After I finished filming and directing the video, Hadfield and I had our recording session on this back porch.




Dave spoke to me about the songs he wrote with his brother, that were eventually recorded onboard the International Space Station (which has never been done before in history), and mentioned that we, as a species, have never communicated better than with art.


Finishing off the song on a more positive note, he sings about how Hydro can be a great source of electricity, but this specific project makes no sense at all. Private developers from another area are planning on stealing this town’s recreational lands.


“But this whole extraction, of the town’s main attraction, should be put to the townspeople’s vote!”

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