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Watch 450 Rescue Dogs Frolic With Reckless Abandon On Serbian Farm

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All dogs may go to heaven, but these these pups have already found their paradise here on Earth.


An animal sanctuary in Niš, Serbia, is home to more than 450 rescued dogs that spend their days frolicking and playing in a big open space, as gloriously captured in the video above. The shelter is run by a man named Sasa Pejčić who has been saving pups from the city’s streets for years, according to the site Care2.


To help to raise awareness for the shelter, The Harmony Fund, an American animal rescue organization, posted a video of the pups happily playing on Oct. 16, linking to a donation page for dog lovers to support the shelter.


ImageContent(56290b03e4b0443bb562f8cd,56290ab112000026007e5bd5,Image,HectorAssetUrl(56290ab112000026007e5bd5.png,Some(),Some(png)),The Harmony Fund/YouTube,)


“Here they are loved and not expected to do anything other than to simply be dogs,” Laura Simpson, founder of the Harmony Fund, told The Dodo. “Many are adopted out internationally to good homes, and others will spend their remaining days at the sanctuary.”


The doggie haven is a former equestrian club stable that Pejčić acquired rent-free in 2010, AFP reported. The canine residents spend time in cages only at night to safely sleep, but freely and happily romp around with one another during the day. With each dog properly vaccinated and with a microchip, the cost of care is expensive, and the owner has little assistance.


ImageContent(56290b03e4b0443bb562f8cf,56290afa1400002200c7a90e,Image,HectorAssetUrl(56290afa1400002200c7a90e.png,Some(),Some(png)),The Harmony Fund/YouTube,)


“I don’t have time to eat properly and even less to think about a private life,” Pejčić told AFP. “You have to fight every day to provide food and care for all these animals.”


Pejčić’s work is partly supported by The Harmony Fund, but the group can only sponsor a fraction of the animals, leaving Pejčić to run his shelter mostly off donations.


To learn more about the Serbian sanctuary or to donate, click here.


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